A Literary Journey Through Prague: G Adventures

READ ON—A Literary Journey Through Prague: G Adventures — March 2016.

Travel writer Shelley Seale travels back in time on a bookworm’s tour of Prague.

“Prague never lets you go. That dear little mother has claws.”

So wrote Franz Kafka, one of the Czech Republic’s most well-known writers. It’s true — there really is something exceptional about Prague, something at once fairytale and lived-in; a place that casts a spell upon you, while wrapping you close to its well-worn heart. It is a city of beauty that has earned its beauty and that has a true depth of soul to go along with it. You could spend a lifetime trying to reach the endless fathoms of that soul.

Kafka is only one of many famed literary icons to hail from the Czech Republic. Like its art and history, Prague’s literary culture is long and storied. Here are a few highlights that will take you on a journey from the 19th century to present-day, along with tips on where you can experience their literary magic for yourself.

Read the full story at https://www.gadventures.com/blog/read-literary-journey-through-prague/

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