Touring the Boutique Farms of Hawaii — Lightfoot Travel

Leave the surf behind and follow Shelley Seale into the mountains of Hawaii to discover an array of boutique farms, January 2018

The Hawaiian island of Maui is a beach-and-ocean lover’s dream. Known as the “Valley Isle,” the coastline is dotted with pristine white and black sand beaches and a diverse array of water-based adventures. But a lesser-known side of Maui is its Upcountry: fertile slopes on the high elevations around Haleakala, with soaring views over the misty mountains and cool breezes that are a refreshing change from sea level.

Here, you’ll fine numerous farms, ranches and botanical gardens; with a variety of makers that are open to the public for demonstrations, tours or tastings. Spending a few hours, a day — or more — exploring this uniquely Maui region offers a glimpse into a completely different side of Hawaiian life.

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