Top 10 Tacos in Austin: Virgin Atlantic

Top 10 Tacos in Austin — May 2015.

While Austin is enjoying its reputation as a stylish, music-savvy capital, it has also picked up a fair few admirers on the foodie scene, with trendy new eateries opening almost on a daily basis. But alongside the celebrity chefs and award-winning restaurants, you’ll also find one beloved local food that will always have a place in the hearts of Austinites: the taco.

From breakfast to a post-party, late-night snack, there’s a taco for every occasion in Austin. Some say the taco was born in the days of cowboys and vaqueros, while others say it was a product of Tex-Mex culture. But one thing is certain: Austin serves up some of the state’s very best tacos. Mando Rayo and Jarod Neece wrote the book on tacos — literally. Austin Breakfast Tacos: The Story of the Most Important Taco of the Day was published in 2013 as a natural offshoot of the duo’s blog, Taco Journalism, both of which have led hungry followers on a quest for the top tacos in Austin. The taco lovers also have a new book on the way, titled The Tacos of Texas.

We caught up with Mando Rayo to get his top 10 tacos in Austin.

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