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I have written for National Geographic, USA Today, The Guardian UK, Shermans Travel, Yahoo, Travel+Escape, CNN, AOL, Globe Pequot Press, Open Skies Magazine and Andrew Harper Traveler, among others. I am also the author or a contributing author of several books.

My areas of expertise are in editorial writing for magazines, newspapers and online content; as well as newsletter and report design and editing. I offer my writing and editing services in journalistic articles, blogging, online content, marketing collateral, newsletters, white papers, reports, event coverage, social media and book publicity services. I am highly experienced in online writing/design platforms such as WordPress, and software design platforms such as Adobe InDesign.

Typewriter1My topic areas of specialty include travel, green living, sustainability, lifestyle, the arts, nonprofits, education, health, marketing, entrepreneurship, business, real estate and urban living. My degree is in Writing & Cultural Psychology from St. Edward’s University.

You can view my published work on my Portfolio page, or view a list of my Clients. For more information about my publicity services to set up book tours for authors, please click here. To request a consultation with me about book publicity or becoming a writer/career questions, you may do so through PivotPlanet.

I am an avid traveler, and blog about my travel experiences at Trading Places.


Check out my 2014 Year in Travel photo slideshow:

I often get requests from people who are interested in becoming a writer, have questions or would like tips or advice on writing as a career choice. I am pleased to announce that I am now available for consultation through Pivot Planet. Please click the link below to request a consultation:


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